With Zeval Technologies you have the solution.

Manage your payroll, create the xml, stamp your xml and send your employees by email, all in a simple and automated way.

Manage your personal loans and automate the discount.

If you have salespeople, generate and manage commissions automatically, and you can integrate it to payroll.

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Manage your employees' attendance

Keep track of your employees' hours worked and classify by project, client or tasks. Easily access statistics to record and analyze the timesheet, as well as to verify the attendance of each employee. Integrated accounting automatically publishes reports based on time spent on projects, providing real-time data.

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Easier employee evaluation

Manage registrations, cancellations, absences and staff performance in a simple and automated way.

Automate the entire process so you can focus on people and not administration.

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Drive engagement with social tools

Allow employees to collaborate between departments, locations and Odoo modules interacting in real time thanks to live chat, share knowledge and best practices, follow specific people or documents to stay informed, and join interest groups to share